Technique: Substitution w/ Anthony Gilardi

Practice telling an old story while remembering how that feels. Stories that contain happiness and pain are the ones that you remember, not just the minute details.

Golden Question: The Bruised Ego versus the Broken Heart
Whenever we are dealing with a situation involving relationships whether between lovers or friends, we always need to ask the question whether or not we have a bruised ego or a broken heart. Which one do you think takes longer to heal? A broken heart can be overcome easily. A bruised ego lasts a long time because it sinks into your soul and affects everything else you do.

Scenario: Your girlfriend leaves you for someone else. You say you are sad and have a broken heart, but lets get to the bottom of this. Is it truly a broken heart? Or do you have a bruised ego because your girlfriend left you for someone better than you. This begins to affect your self-confidence now and everything else you do.

Don’t make emotional choices — sadness is something you can immediately see, you don’t need to play ‘sad’. We can tell when our friends are sad or in a bad mood. Don’t just be sad, let whatever action your playing affect you and you will keep the human dimension while giving the essence of how you feel. Think of it like this, sad is just a vocabulary word that we have created. It doesn’t mean anything to me because sad is something that has so many different specific behaviors that I don’t believe it can be described that easily. However, I know the feeling that I get when someone else’s behavior affects me and I can’t even give it such a specific description such as he is just ‘sad’. We all know there is much more to it. It is indescribable.

We substitute the essence of the feeling that it gives me. In a scene, you must not know how you feel until your body does. Your mind can’t know first. All in all, don’t judge the scene.
We are constantly suppressing real emotion. We can feel or do whatever we want in this industry because it is our art. Residual fear, every emotional fear is an illusion. In fact, embarrass yourself every single day.

The opposite of beauty is not ugliness. They are complements of each other and are non-existent without the other.

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