Master Class with Aaron Speiser

From Margaret Thatcher to Meryl Streep. You must find out what you are the best at. Once you  exceed at that, then you are free to do other shit.

Scene #1: Two sisters. One has a coke addiction. She’s asking her sister, an accomplished actor if she can borrow more money.

Knowing your character, know your dress. If you’re asking for money then are you going to wear your fancy $15,000 pearl necklace? Obviously not so don’t dress like that. You don’t go to the bank wearing jewels and asking to borrow money.

Make the dialogue seem like you are talking. It just has to be chit chat until it comes to the conflict. Too many pauses without good reason. Make it natural, for example if your objective is to borrow money then the dialogue for all that matters could be “blah blah blah blah blah blah can I borrow some money blah blah blah blah blah blah”.

It shouldn’t feel like you are acting, just do your work and throw it away.

Scene #2: Guy and girl on a date.

The guy is pouring liquor for the girl to get her drunk. Don’t think the girl doesn’t know that you are trying to get her a little tipsy. Women in most scenes are generally smarter than men.

Some people are talkers non-stop. Do you know any of these people? They just allow their stream of consciousness to be verbalized. I actually, Dominic, can relate to this. My close friend Matt Livingston always used to tell me I have dihareea mouth because I just spew words non-stop. Allow my consciousness to flow out and be verbalized.

Some people when they talk, they end up gassing themselves up and get even more and more mad.

Breaking down objective and actions:

Objective = A state of being = Needing to fart. Got bad gas. I don’t wanna pass the gas.

Action = What you do to get what you need = Blaming others for your sewer farts.

Life is always a problem, what you literally do is the action. An actor paints with his or her actions.  Choose strong actions and objectives. In the scene, the actor says she is irritated.

In the world of acting:

Irritated = Unemployed.

Crazy, out of your fucking mind = Employed.

It is fun for the audience to see someone out of control. Good writers look at opposites. Typically if one character is in control, the other one is out of control. It creates conflict right off the bat.

Scene #3

Pauses must have reason. Lines don’t matter, it is about the behavior. Let it happen naturally.


Scene #4

Don’t take notes too literally. It’s about looking at the script and then integrating the notes. You cannot take it out of context.










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