Aaron Speiser Master Class 10.25.12

**Practice more. Focus. Work harder. Set deadlines, and work for the long haul. It is a marathon in this industry.

Scene #1: Angel Eyes.
A woman. She is a police officer. The guy. His family is dead. It was his fault. They save each other and in essence are ‘Angels’ to each other.

Dior: “He is lost” — a judgement of the character.
Nafessa, the woman police officer. She is just waking up in the middle of night. She is wearing pajamas and a t-shirt. The audience point of view: Are we paying to see you like this? Lets get real. J.Lo played this scene and wore a thong. We are paying to see the sex appeal. Whenever you can in any scene, use your sex appeal. Men, don’t wear a shirt. Ladies, dress sexy.

Note for myself: Work out harder. Will Smith in ‘I Am Legend’ did a shirtless pull up scene in the trailer. Producers know that one scene brings in about $5 million extra revenue. Diet properly.

Nafessa: She needs to have a stronger voice, because as a female cop you need to assert your power. She’s a tough lady.
Dior: Stand absolutely still. You are at the mercy of this lady. We are in her bedroom, and you have no power or control of the situation. You are essentially begging. He wants to befriend the lady, but when he opens the bedroom door he is reminded of his wife.


Monologue #2: She wants to destroy this man. Start with your obstacles, and ask yourself what your conflicts are.
Where do you draw the line of your life and the life of your character?
As a guy in a relationship or girl, sometimes your significant other leaves you and just completely destroys you. Destroys your ego, tries to ruin your life and ruin your career. WHY? Many times it is due to PAYBACK. The girlfriend has been destroyed before in her relationships by someone else and now feels it is payback by destroying someone else who has possibly done nothing to deserve it.
What do I mean by destroy someone?
Example: In relationships, men and women know the most minute details and secrets of the other person. These are vulnerabilities that we don’t normally share with other people until you get to a close enough level. When you know these vulnerabilities you can really destroy a person by exposing them. It is important to get away from these kind of people because these people are troubled individuals. She needs therapy.
In the monologue essentially she comes back to destroy her ex-fiance. She says she is coming back to ‘drop off the ring’ but we need to look past the lines. If she wanted to just do that, she would have walked in, put the ring down and walked out. No. She stayed and said stuff to him. She tried to destroy him. She stabbed him, stab stab stab, and said OH, but here’s a band-aid, I didn’t really mean it. There is no nice way to say some things. Your objective is to destroy, destroy, and destroy.

As an actor, the audience pays us to see our pain.

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