11.26.12 Class

Words don’t mean much, always look at the reality beneath them.
What do the words coming out of an army general’s mouth mean when he says, “Attack at dawn.”? It is equivalent to him saying kill them before they kill you. Not only kill them, but destroy them before you get your guts all lain out and limbs all over the battlefield. “Attack at dawn” is a loaded phrase.

Scene 1) Key Exchange

Learning your character. A ladies man. What are ladies men like? Confident and arrogant. Ladies men make women laugh a lot and have a sense of humor. However to do this, your instrument must be free. You want to laugh, cry, whatever, but you cannot simply just say words. Immediately, you should recognize good and bad acting.


What is our behavior when we are telling a story? We are essentially translating images in our head to words. This means for storytelling in acting, you need specific images as well in order to translate them into words.

When a man is really emotional, it is holding back the tears that shows the pain. You don’t want to cry, so your struggle with this pain. It is the fight to hold back tears that moves an audience. They will cry for you.

Reading the script, you must catch all the red flags.

When breaking down your character, make a list of similarities to yourself and differences. Make sure to have both.




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